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Are you scared of spiders?

Group Founder: plzgvhug
Description: Are you scared of spiders? ... Then this is the group for you. Talk about your fears and bad experiences. Submit your pics of the spiders you have been confronted by.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 35
Category: Picture Groups > Nature

Topics (5)

go Why are we scared of spiders? (8) plzgvhug
Yes i wonder... It must be the long hairy legs or the speed they scuttle aross the floor or even the thought of waking up and finding one on your face.

go Argh! Spiders everywhere! (3) plzgvhug
In the last few months ive watched and exterminated huge armys of spiders coming into my house. Typicaly i go in a room and find 20 or more small dots on the ceiling. Leaving them there is not an opti...

go truth or myth? (4) plzgvhug
in your lifetime you will eat 8 or 9 spiders during your sleep

go wrong group name? (0) pichuntr
after browsing the gallery i think this group should have been named arachnaphilia (((shudddder)))

go types of spiders (2) plzgvhug
what different types of spiders do you find and where have they come from?

Photos (24)

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