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Subject: Why are we scared of spiders?
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plzgvhug 16.10.07 - 04:03am
Yes i wonder... It must be the long hairy legs or the speed they scuttle aross the floor or even the thought of waking up and finding one on your face. *

2old4ths 23.09.09 - 01:51am
On joining this group, im not sure if any1 here is really arachnophobic. Im shocked there is a gallery! Any1 with a real phobia wouldnt be able to even take photos of u-know-whats, much less upload the pics 2 a flippin gallery ffs! I cant even think of looking in there, i feel sick already! :( *

plzgvhug 5.11.09 - 05:03pm
Im trying to come to terms with my fear. Right now im just happy to stay behind the camera. *

jayne27 3.05.10 - 11:51pm
i hate them cause they ugly hate the big ones im getting chills thinking bout them. if theres one of those hunstmen on the wall i wont spray them as they drop and run and hide and hate squishing them cause i dont wana get close. yuk eww *

galvamp 11.06.11 - 01:46am
A gallery oh no i couldnt look at that! I HATE spiders i dont know why but they freak me out big time. I need one of those spider catching things on a pole. *

obi_jon 12.09.11 - 08:39am
I only joined for the pictures. spidey.GIF *

pichuntr 23.12.11 - 06:48am
One day while installing a new phone line in my old house I had to crawl underneat the house to run the new line. Half way to the side where I had the new line waiting I stoped because I got that feeling something was looking a me. Turning around with the flashlight, all I saw were what I thought to be clumps of dirt. Still suspisious, I turned the flashlight to another direction. Sure enough those 'clumps of dirt' started toward me again. Realizing they were actually a batalion of wolf spiders, I threw real dirt @ them and fished the line in it's premade hole. The only problem was my exit was through this mass od spiders I had just assulted. Throwing dirt their direction with each low crawl pase I made it through and past and out the crawl space hole where I proceded to strip faster than I ever had in my entire life! (even faster than the frist time my girlfriend let me go to 3rd base!!). Luckily not a single one got hold of me, but I still have nightmares about that day 15 years later! How's THAT for spider-freakin-aracnaphobia? *

plzgvhug 29.12.11 - 01:02am
Very brave. That would of freaked me out especially bieng in a very confined space. *

warded 13.05.19 - 08:20pm
They lay eggs to your ears in your sleep. *

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