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Subject: Argh! Spiders everywhere!
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plzgvhug 9.01.12 - 11:36pm
In the last few months ive watched and exterminated huge armys of spiders coming into my house. Typicaly i go in a room and find 20 or more small dots on the ceiling. Leaving them there is not an option because they grow big. So i get the vacuum cleaner, some tissue paper and a spray foam cleaner and clear them up. Within 3 to 4 hours theres more. This has been happening on an almost daily basis scared.GIF *

ufcfan1 10.01.12 - 12:55am
Sounds like u have a nest of them somewhere, there are a few tips that i know of gettin rid of spiders for good in ur home, altho i dont use them myself coz spiders dont bother me or my family, even my 5yr old likes to play with them, if anyone is interested in my tips let me know and i will post them here *

plzgvhug 10.01.12 - 01:10am
Yes please post your tips im very interested nod.GIF thx *

plzgvhug 26.02.13 - 01:12am
Well it's been over a year since this happened and no spiders have appeared yet so I might be lucky this time or maybe the population has become extinct from the extermination. *

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